Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MEN....& their Remotes!

What is it about men & their remotes? I mean seriously, as we sit here 35 minutes in Private Practice we've been 10 minutes into the Italian Job, 5 minutes into the Ball State vs C Michigan game only to turn it back to Private Practice right in the middle of a major scene. Was this a class that was only offered to men in school? I can multi task with the best of them but this is taking it just one step TOO far!


Josh went to work - I finished Private Practice! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Addicted to Technology

I've not "officially" jumped to blogging yet. I still have our babysite set up and I love it because it still allows me to journal for Addi, even though I have a book for her, it seems to be so much easier to sit down at the computer and jot things down - remember funny stories, type in updated weights and the new things she's into. For me though, I love to write - I love to just ponder on my own random thoughts and blogging well - just allows you to do that. I'm a pretty personal person, I take things to heart, I wear my feelings on my sleeve, I love to sit and write about how awesome life is though. Even in the tough times I have to remember that I have a roof over my head, I have a job (that I love - even in insurance) love the people I work for. Leaving my child isn't hard for me because her sitter LOVES her, she loves her sitter, and again I love my boss'. Most importanly I have a husband I go home to at night who loves me more than I deserve and a child that looks at me like I've hung the moon. She doesn't see my imperfections, my flaws or my impurities - she see's her mommmma. I have a mom that would do anything for me and I have a great relationship with my in-laws, something that a lot of people do not. Most importantly though, I'm a christian in a country that allows me to be a christian. I'm continually working on my relationship with God....I know I'm a sinner - imperfect and flawed however I ask for forgiveness and look to the Word for guidance. I do the best I can.

So back to the title of this blog (hmmmm - can I say focused here?). Why is it that I'm so addicted to technology. We have a family babysite, I now have this blog, a myspace AND a facebook. I look at many of my friends and I realize that not only can I write them a letter, pick up the phone & call them but I can email, send a comment, tag them in photo's, text them, chat with them on facebook or just solely send them a message. So right off the bat there are what 8 or 9 lines of communication with some of my closest friends....yikes, do they really want to hear from me that much? Well, I hope so cause I know I'm tickled to get any kind of communication from them. It will only get worse when our contract with our cell phone provider is up, t minus 24 hours and counting - and I jump to trading in the Treo for a "crack"berry as we like to call it. I've convinced myself that I do "need" it - after all if I need to work from home I'm not confined to sitting in the den with my lap top up continually hitting refresh, I can actually take Addison out side and play all the while still working. Ahhhh yes.....I'm addicted to Technology. (um I forgot to mention the dvr but that itself deserves a whole blog alone).