Thursday, October 22, 2009

We found Nemo!

Ever since we had heard Finding Nemo on Ice was coming to town we'd decided we would go. Well I then received a trip through work and planned a girls trip for that same weekend. I had assumed it was just a weekend show & then heard on the radio that it in fact was not. So I hurried to get online to locate tickets.....then I stopped looking b/c the prices I was finding where just ridiculous. My brain actually kept working & I thought about Craigslist. There were 2 entries for tickets, 1 being for 3 tix the other for 4. The person with the 3 had just sold theirs but the other had a phone # so I decided to give it a try. The next few events just continued to fall into place - like someone knew that I needed this family night before I left my girl & hubby for 4 full days. The lady with the tickets worked in Dalton however her mom would have the tickets, she works downtown - luckily I just so happen to have a meeting scheduled downtown at noon. After she talked with her mom she called me back to tell me that her mom would call to work out the details on picking them up. I asked should I get cash out or would she take a check....a check was fine she stated - just make it out to Brandy Christian.
What??? I say to that "Are you married to Tyrone?"
She says, "Actually, yes I am"
I say, "Um hello we are practically related" (By marriage that is)
I explained that I was Tyrone's stepdad's brother's daughter - in - law (Seriously, did you just follow that?, Luckily she did!)
She then says, "Well I actually won these through the radio & the seats are better than ours but we can't go tonight & have tickets for another night so don't worry about the check - just go and have a good time!"
So I dropped by the radio station and picked up the tickets - called my mom to ask her to run to my house, not wake my sleeping husband and throw my blue jeans in the dryer so I'd have something to wear other than work clothes to the show. I sent Josh a text, for him to find when he woke up, that he needed to get Addi, that mom would meet him at the house to ride together to meet me and we'd have a fun family night at Nemo for FREE!
We had dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger and had a great time at Nemo on Ice. We had bought the movie back when we just assumed we'd go so Addi has been watching it as much as we'd let her. Its absolutely the sweetest thing to watch her reaction at the end of the movie when Nemo and his dad reunite. Every single time she see's it she squeals & laughs hysterically saying "Nemo pound his dad, Nemo pound his dad" (Uh, yes we still have trouble with "F's").
Well live and in person was no different and it was just the most adorable thing to watch. She laughed, sang, yelled, giggled, squirmed, danced and just did until her little body couldn't do anymore. All in all it was the best night even thrown together at the last minute. Like I said, I honestly don't think I had much to do in the planning....I give the credit to the big guy watching over my family.

Dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger YaYa and Addi excited to go in for Nemo
Addi telling YaYa all about what is going to happen Love my family Waiving bye to Nemo
Still hugging on Nemo on the way to Nana's this morning.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

Although I don't feel like a Kreativ Blogger, I very much appreciate Amanda nominating me for a Kreativ Blogger. I met Amanda through email, she grew up with Josh, and was just open to meeting someone new. Although most of our discussions and talks were through email I received alot of good advice through pregnancy from her and have come to consider her a friend of mine, not just Josh's.

Like I said, I don't feel very "Kreativ" especially after reading other mom's blogs - seeing all the crafts, cute lunches, or even clothes that some of these mom's make...well it actually makes me feel like a not so good mom sometimes. I do however try. So I very much appreciate & thank you, Amanda, for the thoughtfulness of nominating me as a "Kreativ Blogger!"

Here is what I'm to do next,

1) Thank the Person for nominating you for this award.
2) Copy the Logo and place it on your blog.
3) Link the person who nominated you for the award.
4) Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5) Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6) Post Links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7) Leave a Comment for each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

7 Things about me that people may not know about me:

1) Feels incredibly guilty for working outside the home. But for us that is life. We enjoy the things we get to do or have b/c of my salary. However this week Addi has started saying the whole way to Nana's that she doesn't want me to go to work and it breaks my heart. I enjoy being good at what I do, working with who I do but leaving my girl is the hardest thing I have to do over & over & over.

2) As an only child I swore I would never just have an only child yet that is where Josh & I are. Now before you go giving me your opinions keep in mind this is OUR family, but not to say that I am not open to opinions. We feel our family is complete - we enjoy the time we are able to give to Addi - the education we may be able to give to Addi and can't imagine being pulled apart as a family for one to run to a game here, or recital there. Again, I'm not judging families that make that work - after all its their family and it works for them. I will say that I did enjoy being pregnant. The gift of it all - the movement, the seeing a baby for the first time and I can't imagine not being pregnant again but I'm not guarantee'd a pregnancy as easy as I had it or post-pregnancy as easy as I had it so I'll just stick with the guarantee's that I did have. I don't agree with people who make judgements about only children - I've read the research so if you want to argue with me about we can schedule a debate. The fact is we have no guarantee's that our children will even get along or that we won't lose a child to a disease or accident. We have no guarantee's they will be rocket scientist or murderers - we can only do our best to raise them as Christians and help to mold them into what a God centered person is.

3) I love fresh flowers. I love making my own arrangements and arrangements for others. Its amazing how fresh flowers can brighten not only your day but someone else's just by looking at them.

4) I am a "gym rat." Not b/c I need to fit into a particular size or I need to lose weight. I love the gym. I could spend hours there. I love working out and the feeling after a 2 hr spin class.

5)I am not financially savvy. I wish I were. I am trying couponing - I don't get all the details, I get overwhelmed by it, failure scares me even more & ticks me off. I don't think financial freedom happens over night I just wish I had it in me to be more savvy with finances. I am completely open to advice.

6)I professionally take on WAY too much however in my business networking is big and can lead to various opportunities for business. I am, on the other hand, able to leave my job at 4:30 and head home to my family which is what is most important. I climbed the corporate ladder and at a mere age of 26 was managing a division of a company & other employee's. Its just not for me, now that I am a mom.

7)I fight to end cancer. As I mentioned before I dabble in several things. I'm on the American Heart's Go Red for Women Luncheon board - my father in law is a survivor of heart disease so the AHA is important to me and I'm incredibly active with the American Cancer Society b/c cancer has affected far too many people I love. I've listened to parents talk about their 2 year old children who've passed away, I've watched my 30 year old incredibly vibrant & beautiful friend Bonnie suffer because this disease doesn't discriminate. I watched a group of 4 couples, infamously known as the GG's & their husbands, watch as one of the GG's lost her husband. A man that once came to Relay, we now remember at Relay. My dear DiAnne, diagnosed in January '09 who is now in remission only to find out her husband now has cancer & is actually at the Sarah Cannon Institute AS I TYPE hoping that they don't hear the words "its in the brain". I'm a serious cancer fighting machine and I will teach my daughter to fight for what she believes as well. And until there is a cure, I will fight.

Now to nominations......sounds so "Golden Globish" huh??

1) Christy is my bff, but most of you know that. We've been through so much in our lives together and there isn't another person I'd want by my side going through some of life's most exciting & difficult times. She's an example of what a Christian woman is. She's a wonderful mother, loving wife and the best friend I could ever ask for. She was right there by my side in having Addi, praying for a healthy pregnancy - easy delivery - and a smooth transition in bringing baby home. I could write & write on reason's that I love her or why I read her blog. She is just the best a friend could ask for. Unconditionally - she loves me too! But as a blogger she makes me laugh and is always on the go, reading her blog while we don't always get to get the girls together all the time it keeps Addi up to date on what Arden is doing too!
2) Heidi has been a part of my husband's life since he was born. Heidi's mom and my mother in law (1/2 of the GG's) are best friends. I'm lucky that I'm able to build friendships with people that mean so much to our families. You never know what you will read on Heidi's blog as she has a fiesty 32 month old boy that is by far all boy! She's an excellent mother and has a the funniest sense of humor. She seems to always find the glass half full and I just love her as a person and love reading her blog.
3) Alisha and I went to high school together and although we were not close in school because of technology in blogs & facebook we've been allowed to get to know each other better. I look forward to her Wordless Wednesday's and just watching her young boy grow up too. Its fun to watch people's families grow and see some of the funnies that happen in their lives.
4) Lucy & I also went to high school together. Her blog cracks me up. Life with 2 girls & a baby on the way is never dull. I can totally hear her voice and tone in some of her posts. Her faith is incredible and inspiring. She amazes me with her love for running and what role models she & her husband are to their children & their church. I'm grateful again for technology that has allowed me to reconnect with her, share stories & heartaches & just life's experiences. I love that she got involved with Relay For Life this year - it just touched my heart!
5) Abbie and I played softball with and against each other since the age of 12 I guess. What an incredible athlete that girl was and was always looking cute doing so. She has a beautiful voice and uses it to glorify God. She too is such a role model to her girls, a beautiful wife, mother and friend. Life with 2 girls under 3 with a baby on the way can't be easy but she never looks at a negative thing as poor pitiful me, she is always trying to find the bright side in any situation. Abbie has a smile that is so incredibly contagious - a friend that I've always thought was beautiful inside and out. Her creativity and her skills in monogramming and making clothes inspires me but just a thing I lack - so I'll just continue asking her to make stuff for me. :)
(On a silly note - love that I actually know someone who really did bring back a souvenier from Disney World!!!)
6) Meg, I met Meghan b/c I worked with her husband Eric. Eric & I professionally are very much the same. I was so lucky that she and I developed a friendship and this woman is one of the most beautiful women, physically that I know yet she is always behind a camera. But behind a camera is where she's got it. She captures things I never see, she can turn what I would think a very unproductive photo shoot into some of the best memories in frames. I enjoy reading her blog just because I know that she cares about her clients and cares that she truly captures the moments that take your breathe away. I am incredibly grateful for her friendship and her random acts of kindness towards my family. I'm even more fortunate that our hubbies get along so well and that our girls act like heathen's (in the best way possible) when they get together - but its so fun to watch.
7) Tiffany and I too played softball together. She was younger than I was but always felt like she was more of a lil sis to me. She was an incredible athlete and obviously an phenomenal coach as she helped coach Virginia Tech to a Women's College World Series Tournament. It gives me chills thinking about it. I love reading her blog and seeing what new state Shep, her little boy, has been to, what new mountain she has climbed or where the life as a Doctor's wife has taken her. I believe its Washington State currently. Again, if it were not for technology some of these women who were incredibly close to my heart as an adolescent would not have returned to my life. I cherish these friendships even if its through blogs, facebook or email.
Most of these women have helped to me to be the mom and friend I am. They've prayed for me, given me so much helpful advice whether it worked for our family or not. They genuinely care about me and my family and I'm grateful for their friendship!! So to all my blog "friends" thanks for your blogs, you may not know who is reading or how what you say or post can help another person out to be a better friend, a better mother, a better Christian...just know it does.