Monday, November 30, 2009


No matter what language you gave "Thanks" in the one word just doesn't seem like a big enough word to use for the many blessings in my life for which I give thanks. For those that know the Lewis family you know that it isn't a small one. I know I've said numerous times how lucky I am to have married into such a loving immediate family but even the extended Lewis family is one to be grateful for. Since I started coming around these gatherings some 12 years ago not a thing has changed, well other than hairstyles, # in families, and the amount of food we now have to bring. We counted 55 family members present & can not thank Gary & Stephanie enough for hosting such a crowd. They have a chalk board in their kitchen that the girls had drawn a huge tree on with the word THANKFUL written above. They had leaves cut out for us to tape to the branches on exactly what we were thankful for.....some were silly & some were heartfelt but more importantly we enjoyed a lot of quality family time. From 5 siblings they have 10 children plus 10 spouses and in all of that you have over 20 grandchildren that were running in/out of the barn collecting eggs, roasting smores over the campfire, jumping on the trampoline, riding scooters, and just being "kids" as Granny Lewis used to say. I'm thankful that my child doesn't run and hide when we walk into a gathering this large and LOUD - that she is content following the big girls around and I'm able to catch up with some other Lewis ladies that we don't get to chit chat with that much.

Yes, my child rolling in the grass to play with a dog!

We actually did not travel to Knoxville this year as we typically do but instead headed down to Blairsville, GA to visit with my MIL's brother and his family. Our visits to Blairsville are always minimal throughout the year so it was nice to have a day to get to visit with cousins & 2nd cousins on the Hunter side of the family. As you can see in a few pics - Josh's height definitely doesn't come from the Lewis'. :)

Here is to kicking off the Holiday Season from our family to yours!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Halloween was a ton of fun this year......It started out with a costume party at Nana's (Addi's babysitter) and was non stop after that; we attended many parties but the most fun was getting Addi ready to go Trick or Treating. She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. She loved getting to knock on doors and ask for candy. As soon as she would get her candy she would look at me and say, "Are we going to go get more candy now?" Kids....gotta love 'em!

Family Pic - Halloween '09
Addi wanted to take this "punkin" home

It didn't hurt that daddy's friend, a real police
officer showed up.
Turned out to be a beautiful evening
Sugar High at this point
Starla (Robin da Hood) & I (Miss Kitty)
I love this pic!

Miss Kitty, Pocahontas, Princess Leia,
a Bumble Bee & a Nascar Driver
Britt & I at Ashleigh & Casey's Halloween Party
Addi & her BF, Kendall coloring
A ladybug & cowboy with Nana
At this point Addi had spilled something on herself but
you can see another lady bug, a girly clown, cowboy
and pumpkin shirt girl. :)