Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting to the root of the problems.

(being silly before her procedure)
So I have felt like I've tried to be patient with our pediatrician(s) regarding the regular vomiting that Addi has done since birth...and really not so much the entire time I breastfed, around 10 1/2 months. Sometimes she'd just plain gorge herself and projectile but that wasn't anything I didn't do as a baby.
But really, enough has been enough. I think in my last post I explained that its random puking, she is fine, acts fine but she is to the point that she feels sad or guilty when we have to clean up after her or it embarrasses her when we are out in public. I mean who wouldn't it do that to, right? I think about elementary and that kid who gets sick...the trauma of other kids seeing it, making fun (yea, we all know it happens whether its my own child or yours) but it can hurt kids and I don't want her to hurt any more mentally or even with physically throwing up. Its just not normal. Then there is the issue of going to a preschool or elementary school and this continuing. I'd be very close to a truancy officer I'm sure!
I believe not for any particular reason other than the fact that our pediatrician was diagnosed with cancer and we worked to just see who we needed to when we needed to because in all honesty she hasn't been sick...we've done routine yearly check ups with a bout of congestion here or there, nothing serious though and we were continuously reassured each time we did go, with logs of throwing up, that she was within her weight range and height. She does eat good, well the things she wants to eat which we found out probably weren't helping the throwing up. She loves spaghetti, lasagna - anything Italian (guess she just comes by it honest since its in her momma's blood) ha! For the past few consecutive times we have seen Dr. Coffman and he began to listen - mainly because I was forcing the issue. We went for bloodwork at Childrens (which resulted in my identity being stolen ... 7 credit cards open or attempted to be open all of which were maxed out before I ever even got the first one in the mail, another blog in iself!)
Bloodwork came back fine so we were referred to a pediatric G I, Dr Devoid. Heard both good and a few bad scenarios but my mom does work with his ex wife who did make a call to him and just gave a little background. Fortunately I've been force to take some time off with Addi since Nana is on vacation this week. Meghan was nice enough to keep her on Tues. She took Mady & Addi to the creative discovery museum, big river grill and then home to play in the water. I'm so very lucky to have such incredible friends in my life who love not only me, but our entire family. I feel like they too are all my family. I'm blessed.
So we met with Dr. Devoid who confirmed how we'd always felt, that reoccuring vomiting is NOT normal in children over the age of 18 months and that we'd order an upper GI imediately. I think I was a bit confused because I thought we were immediately having an endoscopy & that she'd have to be put to sleep and maybe we will have that eventually but this morning we went to Chatt Imaging in Hixson, they really were so wonderful. Addi thought she super special b/c we got our own waiting room with Handy Manny and the Mickey Mouse clubhouse to watch. She just didn't understand why she could drink anything, that is until they tried to get her to drink the barium drink. It was grape flavored and shouldn't have been a big deal but the whole sensitivity to smells then causes her to gag. I will say she may not look like her momma but this girl is me made over when it comes to willpower (and attitude at times). It was pure torture. I felt so helpless I had to leave the room crying. At that point I think the nurse felt better if I left as well so that she could just try to make her get it down. I regained my composure and one of the ladies watching the images being taken just explained what was going on & how they were able to catch a great image of her trying to throw the drink back up. The whole staff was very comforting and helpful in trying to put us at ease. DEFINITELY SEVERE ACID REFLUX!!! I'm not certain if I will even hear from the dr today or what the next steps are but at least we did leave our initial appt with Dr Devoid with Nexium (not covered by our insurance - or any for that matter) and we still have the zofran but I'm hoping we can wean off of that knowing the severity of the reflux. Just with doing the nexium in her apple sauce at lunch yesterday there was never a hint of gag or that she may throw up.

So, even by this picture you can tell, this morning was super stressful and just glad I've had the last 3 days with my girl. Needless to say we left the procedure, stopped by to see YaYa (and started smiling again!!) then headed to Target where we walked out with 3 movies, some stickers, headbands, a leotard for our tumbling class we started (jeesh I'm way behind in blogging huh?) Our time together this week has really been priceless and so sweet. Although we haven't packed our days in busy we've just had some good old fashion quality time snuggling and hanging out. Much needed!
I must say that I know God is in control although sometimes I get overwhelmed in knowing I can't control her being completely healthy or incredibly sick....I'm blessed for those that he puts into our lives to help shed some light in either their own situations & perspectives. And for those in the medical industry who are really there to help us and often get misrepresented/mistreated ESPECIALLY by myself, since I work in the insurance industry, and I often fight fights for those that can't afford the necessary procedures they may need. I'm grateful for the job my husband has and that I'm able to no matter the situation walk in and know that my family is going to get the care that they need. I just know regardless of the issues we endure we are still incredibly blessed and sometimes I just need to "close the complaint door" as my Bible for mothers tells me.
I will continue to update and honestly sometimes facebook gets out of control with knowing each others business and the personal stuff we post but in all honesty I've had more people praying for my family and well its sometimes just nice to see all the believers out there standing up and putting their faith in our God to take care of us and not afraid to show it. Thank you all!!!