Thursday, August 26, 2010

I could NEVER make this stuff up!

Life with Addi is absolutely the most fun. I mean the stuff this child comes up with are things that I could NEVER in my wildest thoughts come up with....Here are just a few Addi(ism's)....
Addi: "don't leave just yet babe, I wanna kiss you bye!"
Addi on the death of Grammy & Papaw's cat Sasha....."I need God's phone number to call and check on Sasha"
Addi: while in a public restroom she squats down and is a peeping tom...."Look mom, her panties are cute aren't they?"
Addi: "Shut the door it stinks in here, I'll tell ya when I'm done!" (pic below)
At 9pm at night we hear screams for help, only to find Addi looking like the Michelin Man. She had on everything in the pic below. I wish I would have gotten a pic but she was freaking out and I just needed to get her stripped down.
5 pairs of pants.....4 shirts.....3 pairs of shorts....and 2 night gowns all over the night gown she had on. WOW!!!
I love this girl with all of my being but if any of the things that have happened in the past 3 yrs is a preview of the next 3 well then we've got our hands full!!! But I believe we already knew that!