Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many. ~Author Unknown

So this past week was a big week for me, in the perspective of years that is. I turned 30 whether I wanted to or not. I chose to go ahead with it. People keep asking me am I ok with it. Well for one do I have a choice? Uh, no but I do have a choice in how I perceive this "milestone" of a birthday. I wouldn't consider it a milestone as I think each year that I'm healthy enough to make it to see another birthday is in itself a milestone. I'm happy to turn 30. I feel like I'm starting a new chapter or heck even a whole new book in a way. I've never felt better - spiritually, physically & emotionally. I'm learning new things about me every day....some things I don't like, those I'm working on and other things I love - I do love me. That may sound so conceited and I don't mean it that way at all. I learned from Susan to learn to love me first, b/c if I love me then I'm willing to love others whole heartedly and I know that I'm worthy of being loved. And man.....am I ever loved. From the minute I put my foot on the ground that morning it was nothing but thoughtfulness all day long. I got some of the cutest gifts from wine glasses & stationaries to what some like most....$$$ & gift cards. I was told repeatedly how much I was loved, appreciated and thought of. There are so many people that continue to show me just how much I'm loved. My husband for one - forked over his wallet to Starla, Britt & Meg so that I could have a party I'd never forget. Every single detail of my birthday was so special. Mom made sure I had the oohhh la la boots I'd been wanting - Addi told me over and over Happy Birthday Mommy in the sweetest singing voice ALL day long. We had Formosa for dinner, yummy! I had one of the best cakes that Publix makes from the office. Seriously folks this cake was to die for. Its one of their signature desserts.

People were so thoughtful in the gifts they gave, which were so not even needed or expected. I'm just so blessed. Meghan designed the most adorable invitations & Starla made sure that I had the cutest of cute cakes for the party....and from what I hear my hubby was a champ b/c it wasn't cheap!!! And well probably the most favorite and most thoughtful gift.....Britt apparently had emailed folks asking for their addresses, most of the invite list actually. She sent them a letter which included a self addressed envelope & colored construction paper. Each person was to write down as many memories on separate sheets that they had that included me & them - they sent them back to her prior to the party. She put all of those memories into a "memory box" for me which was also on the cake table at my party for others who didn't get to participate with the mailing. When I opened the first piece of paper that read "I will never forget going ring shopping and planning the proposal for Starla" - Jeremy Painter....well I started crying.

There were memories from Jr High, memories from high school, college, maternity days, and so very recent days......it was so incredibly thoughtful. I have literally read them over & over & over. Some are so hilarious that I laugh out loud and some....well, some are like "memoirs of Marilyn Monroe", that is they will be taken to the grave. ha! If you know me well then you know that this gift meant more to me than any thing with a price tag. I have so many people that I love and to hear what our relationships with each other meant to them is truly priceless.

I feel like although I know there will be hardships to face, whether its death, the roller coaster of marriage, parenting, that I'm blessed and I love my life & everyone in it. I'm blessed with a husband who respects & loves me and a daughter that is healthy & makes me smile a smile no one else can.
So I say to the question of "how do you feel about turning 30?".......Bring on the Memories!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paul said it would be like this.

Our road at 4:15 on Friday 1/29

Being silly girls
Cutest snow angel ever!

We all know that we all give the weather men grief throughout the year. They, unlike most of us, can completely foul up a prediction yet still keep their job. :) Its actually comical. And even though Paul did say we would be getting snow I'm pretty sure they missed how quickly it would arrive and they certainly missed predicting how much we would get. Predictions said 3-6 inches in the higher elevations. This is how those predictions affected the Lewis'.
I had attended a meeting up on BCBS' Cameron Hill Campus. Around 11:30 when the meeting was over I called to check in with the office since Sandra & Kim were supposed to come downtown & we were going to take Dianne to lunch. Kim was being told school's were letting out so that put a nix in our lunch plans since she needed to get her kids. It really worked out b/c I headed on into the office thinking that since I'd already been gone all morning I'd just work through lunch. We leave at 4 on Friday's anyway & I can assure you I have plenty of snacks in my desk. Sometimes a handful of teddy grahams or half a box of wheat thins later I get through a crisis...ha! Anyway back on track here....Sandra ran to get her some lunch and was literally going across the street, she called and said, "look outside" it was really coming down. Jeff came by and said just use your discretion. You know where you need to go and how long it will take. I knew I needed to go to the grocery....uhhhh yea. I mean we didn't have juice, milk, anything for Addi to eat so I knew I HAD to go. By the time I got to the Bi-lo in Hixson the grounds were covered, about 45 minutes later Josh calls to say the rr had called overtime & he was going in. I said "Really?? Have you looked outside?" He was like uhhh no I'm still in bed and then he says "oh...guess I better tell them I'm not coming." He went to get Addi and we all worked to get home. It was pretty slick and by the time I got to Highwater traffic was backed up to 27, two cars were in the ditches and we were sliding when we stopped. It took 13 minutes to get from 27 to Dayton Pk....probably not even the distance of a football field, maybe. We made it home and got a good play in the snow. By 7:00 that evening we had over 7 inches on our back deck. It was crazy how fast it was coming down and for how long. Addi was loving it and we got an extra night with Daddy!!! :)
Around 2 the next morning we lost power. It did not come back on until 9:45 that night. We didn't stick around to wait on it though. Fortunately for us we are loved! We packed up a ton of snacks (I mean I was at the grocery so might as well prepare for it!!) and got super comfy and we headed to Jeremy & Starla's. The kids played hard and we laughed hard. Its wonderful having such good friends to take care of us.
And while I thought it was beautiful andI'm glad Addi has seen it - done it I'm good with the snow now, I'm ready for spring. Yea alot of good you were Punxsutawney Phil!!