Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let the fun begin!

Disregard the stringy hair but Addi had woke up from her nap before Mommy did. Daddy was "watching" football downstairs (um...watching football=napping 2!) I woke up to this cute lil face that said "I just wanted some Wotion".....needless to say butt paste doesn't really rub in as you can see from her legs. This stuff was everywhere - the carpet, the dresser, her hair, legs, shirt, me....I got her in the tub and well guess what, water beads off butt paste, which is exactly what you want if you happen to have a rash and are potty training right but definitely NOT when you are trying to wash it off every part of a 2 year old body. Her hair was still greasy after it had been washed & dried & I can still smell butt paste.
I must say though, I have many friends or blogs that I read where parents come into toilet paper messes, powder messes, lipstick messes, just all sorts of messes and this was our first. Doing pretty good I think! But I worry about what is yet to come. Sort of like her friend Trace on this one. Last night was the first time she has attempted to take her jammies off. I looked into the monitor, low & behold she had her footed pj's unzipped and was coming out of those suckers at lightning speed. I went in addressed the situation and made sure we were both on the same page about keeping jammies on......we obviously were not on the same page b/c she was coming out of them again this morning.
Addi is in her big girl bed and doing so good with that. Everyone that comes into the house HAS to allow her to show them her "big girl bed." She does occassionally get out of bed but we walk back to her room & as soon as she lays down she is fast asleep. She will sometimes yell at us just to see if we are there. Conversation goes like this....
Addi: "Mommy"
Mommy: "Yes, Addi?"
Um, as you can see she is just making sure we didn't leave w/out her. LOL!
She likes to listen to her music which is fine by me. I wasn't sure what kind of music I was going to play for her but I came across a Twila Paris CD that I used when she was first born to nurse. I can remember just sitting in the room with her at night nursing and crying thinking about how incredibly lucky I was that God had given me such a healthy & beautiful gift. How I felt unworthy of such a blessing so when I turned on her music she immediately was comforted....and well it made all those feelings come back again, so I cried. Big surprise huh?
She's a mess but the cutest mess I know. So sweet yet pushing every limit there is. I'm so lucky to have such a healthy girl who loves everyone around her, except me I sometimes feel like. Why is it that mommy always is the bad guy while everyone else gets to be the fun parent/grand-parent etc. I feel like I'm always saying no don't do that, don't touch this - go sit in time out (its the saddest thing when I discipline her & tell her to go to time out chair...she puts her head down, pouting {or screaming crying} and walks straight to her time out chair!) She really is so lovey....she wanted to hold Brittney's hand since she was riding in the back seat with her, told her "your the best".....and will just come up to you out of no where, squeeze you and say "I'm so glad your here!"
I love being her momma & I love that she loves her daddy, like I do, with all her heart.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 yr check-up (2 months late)

We visited Dr. Coffman yesterday for our 2 yr wellness visit. Not sure if I mentioned that Dr. Carroll had had a relapse in her cancer. Apparently her initial diagnosis of the particular ovarian cancer she had was incorrect and she has an even more rare particular ovarian cancer. The chemo just wipes her immune system out however her prognosis is looking good. Although we absolutely adore Dr. Carroll I felt its not fair to Addi for her to see a different doctor each time we go and then go back to Dr. Carroll when she is there, so we chose to see Dr. Coffman today. He was very thorough with us and we had a great chat. Addi was very comfortable with him so it looks like we will be sticking with him.
Addi weighed in at 30lbs (80th percentile) and is 36" tall (90th percentile) and her head is measuring right on track at 19 1/2". We addressed the puking issues we have with her...she pukes ALL of the time for no reason. He just didn't feel like its much of an issue b/c after all she is growing more than average so until it seems she isn't putting weight on or there are other symptoms he just said it could be who she is. Fun for mom & dad, right?! I mean really, no reason at all at Sunday lunch @ Olive Garden she puked in 3 napkins & then was just fine. She was exhausted b/c it was way past nap time so who knows. Seriously its like at least 1 or 2x a day. Two of our friends, Arden (3yr)& Maddox (1 1/2yr) have NEVER thrown up - its like a special occassion if Addi doesn't so I wouldn't know what to do...I've just gotten used to it and toughened up my own gag reflex & stomach. I just know that people see puke and immediately think "sick"....Addi pukes and I think "Praise the Lord we've gotten our puke out at 9am...we are good to go for the day, I don't even need to pack a change of clothes." LOL!
So all is well in the Lewis household and our girl is growing just like she should. She is so smart....loves her ABC's...counts to 14....talks ALL the time, hippopatamus is even in her vocabulary and plain as day!
We "sprayed" for Monsters last night - that didn't work. She & daddy had a lot of fun doing it though and our house spelled incredibly potent! (Next time daddy will not be allowed to use the Bath & Body concentrate spray 2x in every room, even Addi coughed...ha!) Tonight we are going to try something else, just not sure if its going to be the red light/green light trick or just plain confinement, which Dr. Coffman did suggest.
Looking forward to the Labor Day Holiday full of Birthday Parties (for someone I know turning 30..I won't call anyone out or anything JEREMY PAINTER!!!), Family cookouts and a birthday party for our friend Mady. Should be a fun filled weekend on the go-but perfect for Addi as usual.
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