Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happily Ever After

Josh's cousin Kim got married on May 1st. Their wedding ceremony was literally a page out of a fairy tale. I loved the fact that Kim allowed herself to have so much fun and be very light hearted about her wedding. I was probably, ok not probably I was, more uptight and stressed than the bride was. You know that discussion in my last post about that little girl that won't do anything ESPECIALLY if you ask her to or if all the attention is on her WELL she struck again. Kim asked Addi, and 4 other little girls to be "fairies" instead of flower girls in her wedding. Let me just say that there is by far a difference in an almost 3 yr old and almost 4, 5, or 6 yr olds. Can you guess who the lone defiant fairy was? I must say though when it came time to walk down the aisle she did just that, with much help from Caroline, Chloe & about 8lbs of sugar in suckers & candy..... and high tailed it to momma. The wedding was fun with music from 101 Dalmations, Cinderella and many other Disney movies and the ceremony was beautiful. We are so happy for Kim & Michael and thank them for including us in their special day.

Ready for Rehearsal

If I would have allowed it she so would've worn this ALL day!

Walking with Caroline

The bride with her fairies & their momma's
The Lewis clan (MOST of us)

Family Photo

Just a few of the Lewis ladies (Anne, me, Stephanie & Sherri)

Dancing during the father / daughter dance
(if that doesn't make your heart melt I don't know what would!)

Sherri & Rick, me & Josh, Anne & Allen during the reception

Monday, May 10, 2010

Time Out....SOCCER MOM!!

I think I deserve to put myself in TIME OUT for the lack of blogging. Our laptop is on the "DL" list and I've been putting off taking it to Best Buy for the Geek Squad to look at it and say "we have to send it off!"
I used to have a little down time at work that I could catch up on blogging occassionally but those days are so long gone its not even funny. Not funny at all.

So in a nutshell the Lewis' really haven't slowed down any even though the blogging has. We signed Addi up for soccer. Its been a learning experience for ALL of us. I think that if you have ever met Addi you know she's by far not shy. Usually she's having deep conversations with those she meets atleast 45 seconds into their meeting however soccer is a completely different story. The day before I stood in the Target aisle of shinguards, soccer balls, socks etc.....thinking to myself "where did the time go?" I seriously was trying to not let the tears that were building in my eyes to actually slide down my check as I grabbed the pink & white shinguards and jetted.
Day 1 of soccer - Addi woke up, bright and early of course, and was so excited about soccer. She put her shinguards on about an hr and a half before it was time to even leave the house. She carried her ball with her like a big girl and was talking all about soccer......we got to the field where our team (which consists of 5 kids and 10 parents...ha!) was warming up. WELL our team was short a member for the first game. Addi wouldn't step foot on the field, didn't want any party of it so she and I sat on the sidelines and just talked about the team, the field, the game, we also discussed the birds, who that was walking across the field, why THAT GIRL had her ball and anything you could think of that didn't have a thing to do with soccer. I think we went to the potty twice. Just as she was gearing up, said "I'm ready to play" it was "snack time" and the game was over. Needless to say it was a little stressful....I promised myself I wasn't going to get all ancy or uptight if things didn't go according as planned. (thats a whole blog in itself!)

The second week was better, not perfect but she at least tried. She kicked, ran but I will tell you when anyone cheers for her or tries to tell her good job she goes into panic mode, shuts down and is D-O-N-E, at least until she wants to be. She is ALL WOMAN!!!! We missed our 3rd and 4th game because of scheduling conflict with Addi being in Josh's cousin Kim's wedding (and yet another blog, jeesh I am behind, huh?). So tonight will be our last game & pictures. Needless to say this year was a learning experience for all of us. I just want her to be active. I don't care what she does, although we are extremely bias to softball....however what ever she wants to do we will be 100% behind as long as she is learning something & getting some sort of exercise and interaction with other kids. So here is to being a soccer mom, at least for 1 whole day!
Um, I think I'll hang here
with my mom.
If .......you will just kick it
mommy will take you to Chick Fil A
Ok, but just 1 time!
All that decision making on whether to play
sure did work up an appetite.