Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MRI, Milestones & Monsters

So summer is coming to a close - which for us is really no big deal. Just means no more days at the pool I guess. I am loving the cooler mornings and evenings tho and that means that its almost FOOTBALL TIME IN TN!!! Ahhhhh I can almost hear the chanting of crazy fans in Neyland Stadium, smell the crisp fall weather and see the beautiful foliage of TN along the river. However that is a whole blog in itself!

First things first - my MRI came back completely normal, which is both a good thing but a bad thing. Bad only in the fact that there is still no idea where the numbness in my leg is coming from. Its obviously not life threatening however its causing a problem when I try to wear heels and walk - I've got a serious case of a lead foot and its just a big pain, after all I love my heels. People will always say wouldn't you be more comfortable in sandals but the truth is I'm just as comfortable in my 3-4inch stiletto's as I am in my chako's, but that is just me, I've been walking in heels since I was a toddler. They want me to visit a neuro for the wonderful prick test so we shall see. I had to reschedule that appointment b/c of work so I will keep you up to date.
We continue to hit these special milestones with Addi which makes me realize just how quickly she is growing up. She is doing soooo good with potty training and although not perfect or any where near it we are setting realistic goals & she gets sticker rewards for going. We used this video with my cousin Nathaniel, who is now in his 20's, and my mom was able to find it after many hrs of searching, on dvd. Its the exact same corny 80's video that I remember and of course means I already knew all the songs such as "She is a super duper pooper" and "Wipe, wipe, wipe yourself".....its amazing to me though how I can think its the silliest, corniest, and almost dumbest movie I've ever seen but b/c Bobby, Lizzy and Katie are pottying well then it must be a cool thing to do - and let me just say its working wonderfully. I am so proud of my little golasha wearing pooping princess! I am certain this is just one of "those" photo's that may circulate through meeting boyfriends.

We have, however, had a huge set back on sleeping. Although I have the early bird she's always been an easy child to put down and a good sleeper. I often would be sad b/c she was ready to get in her bed while I wanted to read another story or say more prayers but for some odd reason, she continues to say daddy told her, she believes there are monster's in the house and is afraid to be left alone. She is sleeping horribly, if at all which means the wife of a 3rd shift working man isn't getting much sleep either. I've been contemplating just sending her to the railroad with daddy. We pray every night for our safety and I've been trying to teach her that Jesus, nor mommy and daddy, would ever let anything happen - its just not working. I hate to see her so scared. I've always been a huge supporter of the cry it out method but trembling scared is different than the "I just don't want to be left alone" and I can not make myself nor will I leave her alone when she is that scared. We go on Wednesday for her 2 yr check up so it will be addressed more then.
I kept Maddox on Saturday while his mommy/daddy needed to get some things done. What an easy child he is. Such a great sleeper, so laid back and didn't mind one bit hanging out with us all day. We are lucky that both he and Addi love each other's parents b/c they have helped in picking Addi up when we've been out of town or really when she's just wanted to go home with! If I could skip the 40 weeks of pregnancy and the first 6 mos of infancy I'd have two in a heartbeat but I can' we won't! They have so much fun together, sometimes a little TOO much (see pic below) and are just a blessing for each other. So below are just some pics of summer fun....enjoy!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Why I love my Body

Please vote for my story on why I love my Body. Its a contest through Victoria's Secret for a possible trip to NYC for pampering and a shopping spree. Most importantly though, I have learned that loving your body doesn't mean loving it for its physical features but loving it for what it can do for you....and for me it gave me the best gift ever in Addi!
It only takes a second and you simply click on the heart by my story - there are several pictures as well.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Cation-pronounced Kay-shun, you see, could not have come at a better time. Most of you may even know it as, vacation. Addi on the other hand says "Cation" therefor, we do too! We'd definitely been looking forward to our vacation since we had decided to for go condo life and rent a beach house - what a great decision that turned out to be. We'd seen this little community of houses on a walk we took last year from our condo on the beach. Its called Beachside and has 13 houses, a private pool that was bigger than our pool from last year, tennis courts a gazebo with grilling necessities and so much room. The trip down was pretty good - Eli decided he wanted to ride with us so Grammy hopped in with the Coffelts which made Addi pretty happy. I am just very thankful that I have in laws that I can spend an entire week with and that we want to spend that much time together. Really, my little girl loves those cousins of hers and its just adorable to watch her follow them around and even cuter how they really take care of her. The last morning they were playing and Seth had accidentally hit her in the mouth with a flash light, of course here came the blood & tears but the most pitiful part was that Seth went upstairs, got in bed, covered up and was crying - he felt so bad for making her hurt but I felt even worse for him b/c he really does have the sweetest heart and cares for her so much. We just had such a good time with no schedules, whiffle ball games on the tennis courts and beach, go kart rides, bumper boat drenchings, swealtering zoo trips, and just some good old fashion QT. As a family we truly are blessed. Addi slept in the bunk bed room with the boys, and of course again she thought she was such a big girl. And at night the boys would make sure she wasn't too close to the edge of the bed. We love Orange Beach - and can't wait to go back next year. Thank you Grammy for taking care of the "logistics" and making sure we were taken care of. We headed home a day early to attend a wedding tonight so we left out late of Gulf Shores but other than that it was a great trip but exhausting.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby Brock

Saturday Nic & I threw Christy a baby shower for Baby Brock. You know what I love about this day and time...its the fact that you just do what you want. Christy & I have been friends for a very long time so this means so much to me to be able to do for her. She wasn't really sure if it was "right" to have another shower since this is baby #2 but probably with a little pursuasion we went with it. I say a little pursuasion b/c the fact that thru her wedding & Arden I've yet to be able to throw her a shower, show her what she means to me and how excited I am for yet another life event to happen that we are getting to experience together. She has thrown both a wedding shower & a baby shower for me, not to mention the other million countless things she's done for me throughout our friendship. It was a small intimate shower but filled with so much love. As I was driving around Saturday in a hurry to get things done I stopped for a minute just to think. To think about the family Baby Brock is about to enter, what they mean to me and just how awesome God is to give this family another blessing of a baby boy. I could honestly go on and on about what Christy to means to me as a friend and as a mom - we've gotten through many difficult things in life together, shared so much laughter & silliness, and can tell each other anything regardless of the different views we may have. I love that we have continued our friendship and our girls do too. Please pray for the rest of her pregnancy to be as good as its been so far. Christy delivered Arden quite a bit early so they've been extra careful with this pregnancy (Hoggy has had to give her shots once a week to keep Brock in there longer, and I saw that needle first hand & it doesn't look like fun at all!). So, just pray that God continues to watch over her & the baby to keep him in as long as possible. I love seeing her prego, she really is one of the most beautiful pregnant girls I've ever seen....some women just wear it better than others.
Arden helped out so much with cutting flowers & making pretty arrangements.

Yummy Strawberry cake!!

Baby Brock's diaper cake