Monday, June 22, 2009

Birthday Fun in Pics!

Short description and then I'll leave the rest to the photo's. Friday was family night, everyone came to our house to celebrate Addi's birthday. Saturday morning was party at the zoo & then a cookout that night at Jen & Jeremy's. Sunday, Father's day fun at Creative Discovery Museum and then swimming all afternoon. I'd say she had a great birthday - we are lucky, blessed and just over whelmed when I see everyone who loves my girl so much, and us too. And every time we sing Happy Birthday to Addi she covered her face & I would almost lose it. What is it with hearing happy birthday being sung to your child that makes you want to just cry....guess I know my baby is growing up.

We sing .... and she covers her face

Mommy helping to blow out the candle

daddy's never grow up either-
cramming the WHOLE cupcake in his mouth

Seeing what mommy & daddy got her for the first time.

This kid will JUMP & JUMP & JUMP!

She loves her cousins!


Father's Day at the CDM!!!

I love you daddy....Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Addi turns 2!!

Happy Birthday my beautiful Addison Grace!!!! Right about this time 2 yrs ago I'd just met you & actually hadn't even gotten to hold you yet....your daddy was being a baby hog, not to mention I was being sewn up. What an incredible day that was & an even better next 2 yrs have been. We can't even begin to explain our love for you but will do our best to always show you how much you have made our life whole!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Best Job EVER!

I've been extremely emotional this week, ok maybe month. I have to say that growing up I had many goals for myself - even as a little girl. I wanted to be several things from a dentist to an attorney. The weird part is that even during high school, college and a few years after that I always knew I'd marry and I always knew I'd eventually have a baby. What I didn't know is that baby would make me the happiest "employee" ever. I've been reflecting alot talking to Christy about Baby Brock that will join their family later this year and how God already had him picked for their family. Just as God had me picked to be Addi's momma (sorry folks, in the south your a momma not just a mom) - a gift I thank him for every day. And while I get caught up in the every day busy-ness of a job that never ends, never gets a break (because really even on a night out you are still constantly thinking did they go down ok, are they sleeping ok, will they wake up after a bad dream and I'm not there??) and sometimes I probably show frustrations more thank gratefulness.
I drove into work thinking about the things I need to get done for Addi's 2nd birthday party this weekend & just had to stop & really explain my thankfulness to God. How was I lucky enough to be chosen to be a momma. God must have a lot of faith in me - trusts me enough to put the fate of another human being in my hands. (I say me, my, mine....this of course never takes away from the incredible daddy who is by my side the whole time!!) He knows that I'll do my best to raise her as a young christian woman in this very messed up world. AND THEN it hits me ...... God didn't love Jesus any less than I love Addi yet he sacrificed his life for our sins. It continues to blow me away to think of that.
I must say that you stay at home mom's are incredible first off and although I love my paying job & the people I work with dearly but no salary amount could ever replace the paycheck I get every night when I hear those words "Sing tiny nose......I lub u....night....night....."
What an incredible 2 yrs its been.