Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Official!

We have a name...and although I found humor in the short video below, Josh did not.

So without holding back much longer its official...Harper Anne Lewis. We really struggled with this one. Long before we knew we would even have kids it was important to Josh, and me, that we use a family name in Hunter seeing that Grammy lost the most important people in her life all at once and at a young age. Who knew that when Josh laid claim to Hunter we would have girls & the Coffelts would have the boys. :) Regardless we really struggled to come up with a name that seemed to be a good fit w/out her sounding just like a boy. There are definitely some unisex names out there but in my opinion Hunter was not one of them, even as a middle name. I was determined that our Disney trip, a post in its own to follow, would result in a name for baby girl but Disney came and went and still no name. We then came home and traveled to Franklin for the state wrestling tournament, another 2 hours in the car, and still no name. By the time we got home - and we all know the type A personality I have - I was aggrivated. Tired of calling her baby girl but yet didn't want to settle. We came to an agreement though as we both really loved Harper but still wanted meaning to her name so we chose the middle name Anne. Not only will she inherit her only aunt's name, she inherits what would have been her great aunt Anne (Hunter) Hughes whom neither Josh nor Anne ever met.

So a brief update about baby Harper. We had our (official) gender ultrasound and Dr appointment right before we left for vacation and it confirmed we will out number Josh 3:1. Everything appears to be picture perfect at this point…all chambers of the heart visible, brain looked good, no cleft palettes (I had NO idea they could tell this sort of thing now a days) and all organs looked good. So we are trucking right along and happy to be home after an absolutely priceless and memorable trip to Disneyworld. I feel extremely blessed to not only be bringing another baby into a family filled with so much love from both sides but especially to have had the time with our girl and some of our closest friends at Disney. I truly can not put into words the fun we had on this trip and the blessings I feel all around. Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve such love and happiness but I surely do not try to take it for granted.

Here are just a few quick shots of Harper Anne.

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Jane said...

Well, Grammy & Papaw LOVE the name and especially the significance of it! Now Miss Addi can have a sister Anne too! We are anxiously awaiting Harper's arrival and I'm sure Addison will come to love the name. We are so blessed as a family to have such loving children and precious grandchildren. Now, I must get started with monograms!(HA!) WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!