Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Harper Update

We have welcomed the 3rd trimester with open arms!! I went for my 28 week appointment today, which included the nasty sugar test. Fortunately for me, and if I've failed to mention, I LOVE my practice and DR!!! They allowed me to pick up the drink the day before and drink it prior to coming so I didn't spend much of my Friday afternoon at the Dr's office. I won't know the results for a day or two but let's pray that I don't have to sit through the 3 hr test like I did with Addison.
My blood pressure checked out great, my weight seems to be right in line but Ms. Harper is measuring a bit on the larger side so let's hope that isn't a sign of gestational diabetes and just that she's growing faster than anticipated - meaning she could come a week or even two earlier than expected. That is such a double edged sword b/c Addi's birthday is June 19th and Harper's estimated arrival date is scheduled for June 29th...I did not want them to even have to share birthday months let alone the same week. But its not in my control, so many lessons I am learning!
Other than that all is well and we are trucking right along. The crib is up and in her room; I'm still going back and forth on decor. We painted it a light gray, which to me looks like a light purple but oh well - I doubt Josh wants to hear that I'm not that satisfied with it. It will do. We are utilizing the same glider we used with Addi and its oh so comfy with many memories of long nights with a restless baby girl and many songs sang in it. Same curtains, and if you aren't catching on that means that big sister had a room move and make over. She loves it!
My baby shower is planned for April 21st and I'm excited to share some time with some of my bff's and Addi is excited to get to open presents. :)
I have to share this video b/c its way too sweet...I'm sure there will be days they want to scratch each others eyes out but for now I will live in my fantasy of loving, sweet songs sung to each other.

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Heidi said...

I remember thinking the same thing about their birthdays. Dr. Adams wanted to induce me with Keatyn on Feb. 7th (Trace's b-day) and I said no. 3 days is close enough. However, I knocked both of their b-day parties out on the same day and actually survived... and am now DONE till next year. The silver lining!